Veterinary Technology

Fast Testing & Precise Diagnoses

At our Ceres clinic, our veterinarians use diagnostic tests and tools in our in-house lab to accurately diagnose your pet's medical conditions and tailor treatment plans to your pet's needs. 

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Laboratory & Diagnostics

In diagnostic imaging, we use electromagnetic radiation to produce highly detailed images of your pet's internal structures. 

Our advanced digital radiology tools (x-rays) at American Pet Clinic help us to accurately diagnose your pet's medical issues. 

With our diagnostic imaging capabilities, we can efficiently produce accurate diagnostic data about your pet's condition and provide immediate treatment options. 

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Ceres Vet

In-House Lab & Pharmacy

We complete tests and get results quickly in our in-house laboratory, so that we can diagnose your pet's symptoms and start treatment as soon as possible. At our pharmacy, we have a wide range of prescription medications and diets, providing us quick access to any medications your pet may need while in our care. 

Diagnostic & Lab Technology, Ceres Vet

Our Diagnostic Services 

We are pleased to offer advanced diagnostics, which allow our veterinarians to use the tools in our in-house laboratory to provide an accurate diagnosis of your pet's medical issues. 

  • Radiography (Digital X-Rays)

    With a radiograph (digital x-ray), we can look at your pet's internal systems to reveal data that may not be visible from the outside. 

    Radiography is non-invasive, painless and safe. It uses only very low doses of radiation. Since the level of radiation exposure needed to perform radiograph is so low, even pregnant or very young pets can have this procedure. 

    We use radiographs to assess organs and bones, and diagnose conditions including chronic arthritis, broken bones, spinal cord diseases, bladder stones and some tumors.  

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